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From Colin Cotton:
I wanted to share this picture, but couldn’t attach a picture to the church’s Facebook page. The bank I work for is turning 100 next year. Being founded in Piedmont, AL- we’re looking through old pictures for the anniversary celebration. I came across this picture & smiled. I remember the day a group of us from “St. Bubs” (we founded the church above Bubs Baines Magnavox store) went to see the church in Piedmont. The church was locked so a group of men pushed me through a broken window in the narthex. I remember landing on a stack of red kneeling cushions & thinking;”I’m breaking in a church!” The next thing I knew the roof was cut off & it was pulling into Albertville behind a Kennedy moving truck. Wonderful memories that summer working on the church everyday!! Wonderful memories growing up in the church. I hope you enjoy the picture. Feel free to post it & the story, if you’d like to share with others. -Colin

Little Gray Church

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